Simbiotico was born of the will to make a positive impact on people’s lives. We want to live in a more positive and happy world, and we believe a way to get there is through better relationships, increased connectivity and by uniting efforts.

Our Mission


Our mission is to promote and give visibility to projects that focus on sustainability.

How it all began


It all started with a move to another country. Everyday life had the tranquillity we were looking for, but we began missing some of the things we had back home: a bulk grocery store, an organic street market, a small handmade toy shop… We couldn’t be the only ones wanting to have access to more familiar services and meeting people with a similar mindset. So we wondered how we could make it happen for those who are away from home, whether travelling on holidays, business or making a more permanent move. And that’s how Simbiotico began – as a way to connect people – wherever they are – through a common interest: ecology.

A sustainable way of life is much more than just ecology, it encompasses many different values, like  respect, equality, cooperation, ethics and humanism. These are the stones on which we built Simbiotico and the values we recognise in the businesses, services and amenities listed in this sustainable directory.

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Eco businesses in Portugal


At the moment, Simbiotico is focused in the eco places, people and businesses in Portugal. It’s our country of origin and a reference that we bring with us no matter where we are.
Eco businesses in Portugal are striving and rightfully so. People are looking more and more for simple, local and sustainable ways of living. It’s a call that comes from within, from their roots and traditions.
Portuguese history is also full of travels and discoveries, so it’s only a matter of time until Simbiotico starts featuring other wonderful examples of ethics and ecology worldwide.