Simbiótico is a self-funded, nonprofit, voluntary project. We launched based on many hours of personal time and dedication. We chose not to charge companies for the publication of their services and decided not to include ads on our site.

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We are grateful for the generous support of all those who stand by this cause and want to see sustainability grow in the world. See below how you can help this eco community and create more positive partnerships!

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Received donations

We have received a total of 15 donations amounting to 450 EUR.
A special thank you to our dear supporters:

Ana Farias | Ánanda Mercearia Bio | António Pereira | Beatriz AntunesDaniel NicoÉtica Pura by Ringana | Fluffy Organic & EcoHello Nature | Kings of My CastleMercado NocataHugo FélixPedro AzevedoRita CSerradas Sabão Original Sofia RosadoSqueez! | Susana Morgado | Teresa Guimarães

How we use donations

While it may be taboo to talk about costs and revenues, we want to be transparent in everything we do. All your generous donations will be used to support maintenance and site improving costs, making it easier to use, more comprehensive and with more functionalities. The tasks and services that originate our fixed costs include:

  • Web servers Simbiotico runs on SiteGround, a hosting service that stores our site and keeps it safe.
  • Security Security certificates are a must for any trustworthy online service.
  • WordPress plugins Simbiotico is a listing directory based on a WordPress template and plugins that increase functionality and provide a friendly user experience. Although we use many open source features, some plugins require a yearly fee to keep on running.
  • Website maintenance Developing new content, updating software, processing and translating submitted information on new listings are time-consuming tasks, but are essential to a healthy and functional website.
  • Research We made it our mission to dedicate part of our day to disseminate good environmental practices and services listed in Simbiotico. In addition, we are always looking for new services and partners that are in tune with the Simbiotico’s concept and philosophy!

Participate and collaborate in our mission to make Portugal more sustainable!