Associação de Defesa do Património de Mértola

Conservation, dynamization and valorisation of local resources

ADPM (Association for Mértola’s Heritage Defense) was founded in 1980 to actively contribute to the harmonious development of the municipality of Mértola, based on the conservation, dynamization and valorisation of local resources, favoring the involvement of the local population in the process of improving the conditions and quality of life of the communities.

ADPM‘s mission is fundamentally related to the economic, social and cultural development of the territories where it participates, sharing strategically with public and private entities, but also with the citizens, the responsibility of actively participating in the dynamics of its own local development processes.

Deepening its role in the local development of the municipality of Mértola, ADPM has been extending the thematic and geographical scope of its areas of intervention. The projects developed individually or in partnership, in Portugal and in other countries, give ADPM a transnational dimension, which further enriches the local experience. In a logic of “Think Global – Act Local”, they see multiculturalism and diversity as the basis for development.

ADPM‘s areas of intervention include: Training / Education; Environment and Sustainable Agriculture; Entrepreneurship and Rural Innovation; Heritage, Cultural and Creative Industries and Tourism Services; Social Intervention and Social Animation; Education / Cooperation for Development

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