Âncora Verde

Informing without judgement

Âncora Verde is an environmental education and awareness project that aims to inform without judging and to promote behaviour changes and greater ecological awareness on its readers. It is a space for sharing: sharing projects, people, good practices, lifestyles, information. It is a space that does not fit a definition, but is governed by ecological, ethical and sustainability values. It is a space to act. And it’s a space to start.

In Âncora Verde you can find articles on:

  • Lifestyle: everything about a minimalist, ecological and sustainable lifestyle
  • Projects and people who inspire: best examples of what is done in Portugal and in the world
  • Environment: how things we close our eyes to can affect the planet

In December 2017, Âncora Verde launched the free e-book “Tips without Waste”, a small guide to a simpler and less wasteful life. This guide can be found here.

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