Arquitectura Sensível

Bio Architecture

Arquitectura Sensível is a bio architecture studio based in the historical center of Guimarães, Northern Portugal.

According to the principles of Bau biologie (German for biology of construction), Arquitectura Sensivel promotes the construction of ecological and healthy places respecting the regenerative sustainability of the environment.

Here are some of the services offered by this bio-architecture studio:

  • construction and construction management
  • rehabilitation using environmentally friendly materials
  • interior remodeling
  • furniture design
  • geobiology consulting

Starting from a simple but fundamental principle that the Earth is a living being, everything is based on the relationship of sentient beings. Therefore, Arquitectura Sensível advocates sustainability and vital relationships between people and the environment.

The concept of healthy housing includes not only people, but also the surrounding environment. The implantation of a building on a plot implies an in-depth study of both their characteristics.

Arquitectura Sensivel defends a vision of sustainability that integrates tradition and evolution. This implies, for example, the preservation of traditional construction techniques and their promotion
They also value multidisciplinary work and that is why most of their projects are based on collaboration and sharing of know-how with the best artists and local artisans.

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