Genuine products for a more sustainable lifestyle

Arunny is a brand that represents the concept of a more fulfilling, enriching and sustainable lifestyle. Their products are made with a lot of love and with the greatest possible respect for the resources used.

They create genuine natural products made by real people. They develop products that represent their values ​​and consider the entire product life cycle, from the extraction of the respective raw materials, to its after life destination.

Arunny has a children’s collection of hand-made crochet dolls made with natural, non-chemical or toxic lines. They are washable, durable and, above all, safe for any child or baby.
They also have a collection of jewels made of old coins that go through a meticulous manual cutting process. Each medal is then cleaned, polished and bathed in gold or silver.

In addition to the brand’s own product lines, Arunny also has a zero waste store with everyday products. It is therefore a careful selection of sustainable, natural and responsible brand solutions.

Their packaging is made from recycled or reused materials. They do not use materials that aren’t biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. For Arunny, the one-time-use concept does not make sense!

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