Bamboo products? It's Babu!

The Babu brand was born of the belief that we should all create solutions to our current needs and problems.
Their participation in the change translates into making daily life products available, but using materials that preserve the ecosystem and don’t put biodiversity at risk.

The products we use daily, even those seemingly insignificant, have a huge impact when used on a large scale, as is the case with toothbrushes.
This is the view on which Babu, a brand that started with bamboo toothbrushes, is based on. The introduction of Babu makes it unnecessary to use plastic brushes, which are responsible for a huge environmental impact.

Bamboo has many advantages, of which the following stand out:

  • It’s totally biodegradable! Unlike the traditional ones that take more than 400 years to decompose. In addition to being environmentally friendly, you are using a product from nature.
  • It’s natural antibacterial! It has agents that prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. It is also a material without porosity, thus avoiding contamination by fungi and bacteria, and contributing to a healthier oral hygiene.

Babu toothbrushes are designed to fit perfectly into your hand and mouth. In order to give them a perfect handling, brushes are available in three sizes: normal, small and child.
Similarly, Babu‘s bristles have been specially designed to give you the best brushing experience. They protect your teeth and gums, while leaving them clean and healthy.

Every time you choose to use a Babu, you are not just brushing your teeth, it is part of a strong change and it ensures a better future for generations to come.

Babu products are available throughout the country – see zero waste stores.

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