Bolota Viva

Organic Products Based on Acorn

Bolota Viva ues acorn as the star ingredient on a range of products that includes creams (plain, carob, lavender or thyme), infusions and beverages.

The project was created in 2015 by Marco & Sónia, seeking to exploit the entire nutritional and gastronomic potential of the acorn for human consumption. They also focused on creating the conditions for sustainable growth with respect for the environment and the mediterranean oak ecosystem (montado).
In this sense, Bolota Viva is a reflection of the way they live their lives, uniting their areas of formation, environmental ideologies, valuing the interior and territory, their characteristics and raw materials.

Bolota Viva respects the montado ecosystem, privileges national products and values ​​the local economy, traditions and customs. Thus, it enhances the unique features of the acorn for health as well as its economic and social value.

Bolota Viva‘s core mission is to:

  • Promote acorn’s potential and value it in economic and environmental terms
  • Market products based on acorn for national and international distribution;
  • Work together with owners of montados in order to sensitize them that it is worth acquiring acorn for sale, and that it can be used beyond animal feeding;
  • Create a chain of value around one of the most abundant raw materials in Portugal;
  • Create/cooperate with organizations that support the reforestation of montados and protect mediterranean oaks, valuing their importance in environmental, social and economic terms and, above all, value acorn as a product.

Besides their online shop, you can also find these wonderful products at select grocery shops such as Retratos d’Aldeia, BiO’s and GreenBeans.

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