Bosque Bio

Organic Restaurant & Grocery Store

Bosque Bio embodies the true meaning of the expression “From farm to table”

Located in Mercado da Romeira, the new hotspot inAlmada, Bosque Bio has a unique concept that differentiates itself, one of conscious nourishing that intends to create a strong connection with the origin of the products that are used.

This vegetarian and vegan restaurant, offers a menu of healthy, tasty and totally organic options, with options of snacks, meals and snacks.

Bosque Bio is born as a way to bring to the heart of Almada, the best of what is produced in the family’s organic production farm, the Bosque da Verdizela.

Fresh organic vegetables and fruit arrive daily from the family farm, and are then used in the daily menu. As a way to eliminate waste, this project also includes an organic grocery store where the customer can find several products, from vegetables, fruit and even a section in bulk, so the client can get only what he/she needs.

‘Our objective is to bring to the customer what is good in our country, to demystify that the biological product has to be’ necessarily ‘more expensive and only for some, and to be able to create a menu with local, bio and seasonal. ‘

Some of the delicacies of Bosque Bio and already have loyal customers. That’s the case with ‘Bulhão Pato Mushrooms’, salted bruschettas, crushed avocado with lime and seeds and the magnificent gluten-free oats porridge with fresh fruit. There are also several desert options, totally vegan and sugar-free cakes and also gluten-free options.

Bosque Bio creates a unique experience and a totally differentiated connection with organic farming and thus joins the family farm project, Bosque da Verdizela to the city client.

Every weekend clients can also visit the 6 hectares of Bosque da Verdizela‘s farm, and take home their own basket of vegetables and organic fruit, directly from the producer to the consumer.

‘One of the activities most appreciated by our client is the possibility of buying directly from the producer, being able to see our vegetable gardens and blueberry plantations and have the experience of harvesting the vegetables that will buy, from the spring we also organize yoga on Thursday, workshops and activities with children. ‘

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Rua Manuel José Gomes 101
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