Cada Segundo

Take care of yourself thinking about the environment

Cada Segundo (which translates to Each Second) is an online store for natural and organic cosmetics. In this store there is a concern, not only with the person’s beauty, but also with the beauty of our planet.

Sustainable. Natural. Pure

Cada Segundo believes that what is put on the skin has to be very close to what we can eat. Our skin is our biggest organ. It is our protection from the outside world and for that reason we must keep it strong and beautiful.

The skin is a reflection of what we are and what we do. What we feel, what we eat, the products we use are reflected in our skin and our health.

The team behind Cada Segundo chose to make this change in their path, that is, opt for healthier and more sustainable products. This concept was carried over to the store, through the product selection criteria. The selected products have to be good for the skin, but they also have to be environmentally friendly.

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