Brand of eco-logical customised glass straws!


Caravela.Eco is a brand of customised ecological glass straws!

The eco-friendly straw by Caravela.Eco, is a 100% Portuguese manufactured product, made of borosilicate glass, the same material used in laboratory tubes.

Glass straws are reusable and durable, resistant to heat and cold, and even small drops! Durable and reusable, they are zero waste products that do not harm the environment or the oceans!

These straws are thicker than plastic straws, so they are perfect for thick drinks like smoothies, shakes or ice drinks!

The glass, due to its transparency, facilitates the cleaning process, which is done with a brush which comes with the straw. The straws also have a protective bag, so they can be carried in the suitcase, or anywhere!


  • Length – 22 cm
  • Inner Diameter – 8 mm
  • Thickness of straw – 2 mm

Caravela.Eco also works with circular economy in partnership with Portuguese brands, in the manufacture of protective bags, taking advantage of the textile resources. Their Instagram account is an online platform for environmental education, bringing sustainability information to the largest number of people, in Portugal and the world!

Through their Design Studio they also develop:

  • Design of Ecoproducts
  • Consultancies in Circular Economy and Ecodesign
  • Environmental education platform for Portuguese-speaking countries

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