Casa do Bosque

Organic, Vegan & Raw

Casa do Bosque is a Portuguese brand of handmade made carob chocolate, which was born in 2014 as a reflection project of Sara and Vasco.

After interesting career paths as a photographer and as a designer, they took the risk of launching a project in the food industry. Sara brought the gastronomic talent of her ancestors and Vasco to the visual and manual arts.
They decided to create a project that reflected their veganism and respect for nature, in which each product was exclusively vegan and organic.

When the organization of the International Chocolate Festival of Óbidos invited them to participate in the festival, they saw the challenge as an opportunity to create something new. That’s how they set out to create Raw Carob Chocolate, an innovative product made from a typical Portuguese raw material.

Casa do Bosque produces a unique chocolate that combines cocoa with carob. This typical pod of the Mediterranean region has excellent nutritional properties and is considered a substitute for cocoa.

They have elaborated a distinct range of products with the following characteristics: organic certification, exclusive use of 100% natural, raw vegetable ingredients; handmade crudivorous manufacturing; gluten free; no dyes or preservatives; and ancestral methodology.

Although Casa do Bosque was created in a context where tradition and natural heritage are very important, carob chocolate is an innovative product that deserved the Honorable Mention at the Food & Nutrition Awards 2017 – Innovation Product category.

You can find Casa do Bosque products in selected grocery stores, such as Tonsai, BioEscolha, 4Bio, BiO’s, Quintinha a  Granel, Solobio, Alfazema, Miosótis and Maria Granel.

See the process of artisanal chocolate making and be sure to visit Casa do Bosque blog to read recipes using carob chocolate.

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