Center for Ecology, Wildlife Recovery and Surveillance

CERVAS is the Center for Ecology, Recovery and Surveillance of Wild Animals and is located in Gouveia, Serra da Estrela.

Its objectives are to detect and solve problems associated with the conservation and management of wildlife populations and their habitats. Thus, one of the main areas of work is the recovery of wild animals.

CERVAS has a wildlife hospital where they mainly treat injured or debilitated wildlife. Animals treated here are later returned to nature, if possible where they were found.
This ecology center is included in the National Network for the Collection and Recovery of Wild Animals, which comprises about a dozen recovery centers, all managed by the Portuguese Institute for Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF).

If you want to support CERVAS‘s work you can sponsor a wild animal through a symbolic contribution. Thus, you will not only be supporting the center, but will also be able to witness the return to nature of the sponsored species.

CERVAS‘s lines of action of are:

  • Recovery of injured or debilitated wildlife;
  • Promote environmental awareness in wildlife conservation and management through environmental education actions;
  • Support and/or the carry out ecological and sanitary monitoring of the populations and wild animals;
  • Support and promote the “Antidote Program – Portugal”;
  • Function as an intermediate unit for management and sample & information transfer handled through scientific partnerships.

Since 2009, CERVAS has been managed by the ALDEIA association, under the guidance of ICNF and with the financial support of ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal SA which, through the “Business & Biodiversity” initiative has ensured the management of the center to date.

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