Círculo Bio

Organic and ecological products

Círculo Bio isis a family project born out of the will to create new possibilities and options for those who want to adopt a healthier and ecologically sustainable lifestyle.

Here you will find genuine ecological products that respect the consumer, nature and the planet. Organic cosmetics, make-up, infusions, essential oils, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable bottles and grocery bags are just some of the products available.
There is also a section on recipes and raw materials to allow you to create your own products.

Most products have biological certification. Some brands also have the cruelty free (not tested on animals), vegan and fair trade certification.

In the blog you will find information about the importance of organic farming, what is the difference between a product with organic certification and a “conventional” product, how to use essential oils, ecological solutions for everyday life, among others.

Orders are prepared in the most environmentally friendly way, taking advantage of boxes and other materials received from suppliers. They also use using paper tape and recycled paper or cardboard as a filler .

The shop’s main concern is to select brands committed to offering environmental friendly and healthier products. The selected items are composed by natural and safe ingredients so that you can make informed and conscious choices.

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