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Coopérnico is a cooperative of renewable energies which a social nature, that supports projects of solidarity, education or environmental protection. Its mission is to involve citizens in creating a new energy paradigm – renewable, efficient and decentralised – for the benefit of society and the environment. A renewable, fair and responsible energy model that contributes to a socially, environmentally and energetically sustainable future.

They support renewable energy as the basis for a sustainable, fair and efficient energy model. Coopérnico develops and implements renewable energy projects that generate sustainable benefits for investors, society and the planet. The electricity they produce is integrated into the electricity grid and supplies families and businesses. Their projects generate economic benefits from the sale of electricity, as well as environmental benefits through the production of clean electricity (without emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants). Benefits are thus distributed among society, investors and the environment.

Coopérnico‘s commitments include:

  • 100% green energy: all electricity comes from renewable sources only
  • Creation of social value: all projects create social value, through direct collaboration or through the attribution of part of the results obtained to social or educational organisations.
  • Local development: When they create a new project, they give priority to local partners. It is a way to create green jobs locally and to promote the transition to a more sustainable economy.
  • Transparency and integrity: These are the basis of lasting and trusting relationships. They share up-to-date information on the projects with all the members who supported them.

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