Cosbe Concept

Solid shampoo with grapeseed oil

COSBE Concept was born in the 2020 grape harvest, by the hand of the founders Silvana and João (who have always been linked to wine production) in an attempt to find an upcycling idea for the by-products and the waste of grape skins and seeds.

The first product, COSBE Solid Shampoo, is enriched with Grapeseed Oil, an incredibly beneficial oil for the skin and hair. A super formulation in solid format; made 100% using renewable energy sources; without the use of plastic, with sustainable materials and ingredients of ethical origin and vegan formulation.

An honest product, without sulfates, parabens, silicones and salt; with the best ingredients combined thinking about the best for our body and planet.

The COSBE team believes that thinking and acting for the planet through concrete actions can change behavior. That is why they underline the fact that this is the time to put sustainable and responsible actions into practice, promoting health and environmental balance.

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