DeBarro Arquitectura

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DEBARRO ARQUITECTURA is an interdisciplinary study group in the field of bio architecture at the service of the human being.

Its main focus is the creation of architectural projects aiming the integration and respect for the environment, as well as economic and human sustainability. They use natural materials, with earth being the main material used.
Using passive solar architecture and natural materials, they create living spaces that adapt and regulate interior environment, while maintaining adequate comfort for the human being.

Bio architecture focuses on 4 levels:

  • Environment: Architectural projects must contemplate its surroundings. Bioclimatic designs have a commitment to climate and implantation site; and include the analysis and understanding of the physical space, promoting identity, vitality and harmony.
  • Form: Study of organic morphology adapted to the human being (their proportions, movements, etc.)
  • Matter: It concerns the use of natural, healthy and local materials; as is the case of earth, straw, or wood; so that they have no impact during their life cycle.
  • Human Being: The execution of the project and construction must be from the human being to the human being. The professional is a social agent who helps find solutions to the needs of space and human habitation.

In addition to the bio-architecture and bio-construction projects with natural, healthy and ecological materials, DEBARRO also provides training in construction sites and workshops about natural construction.

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