D. Luiza – Produtos do Alentejo

Traditionally well done

At a time when machines replace men, weeds give way to chemicals, and quantity is preferable to quality, what comes to the table is not what it once was. Not in flavor and not in category.

During D. Luiza’s time, the provisions were bought at the grocery store down the street, in the market or in the small farmers’ houses in the village. Yes, those were hard times, and the meals more scarce. But the taste also lingers in the memory. And that’s what makes us miss them.

D. Luiza products are made as before. Unprocessed and chemical free chickpeas, honey, olives, olive oil and infusions, because the way they’re produced dictates their quality.

These products  preserve the traditional knowledge and practices that characterise and distinguish Alentejo as an agricultural region of excellence. Because we still have a lot to learn from the older ones. In particular, how they have always managed to create the best products, treating the earth with respect.

These products pay tribute to D. Luiza, who, during her short life, sifted and taught how to sift a lot of grain, seasoned and taught how to season, preserved and taught how to preserve. And whatever else she would do, everything would be well done. She did not live long enough to open the grocery store she always wanted, but her name and face linger on these products.

If we couldn’t replicate the taste of our mother’s and grandmother’s food before, now it’s possible. Again. And always.

D. Luiza products are available in selected stores, such as Retratos d’Aldeia (complete list of re sellers on their website).

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