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DOME – Design Objects Meet Ethics – is an online shop for sustainable accessories, decoration and ethical fashion.
They select brands of brands and sustainable products for consumers concerned about the impact of their choices. Additionally, they showcase projects where people are important and promote sustainable consumption and design that values ​​traditional crafts.

DOME believes that selecting brands that take care of people and the planet is key to living in balance. So they represent brands that come from various parts of the world with ethical principles of social justice, environmental protection and cultural preservation.

Product selection is done carefully, based on their origin. It is important to know who produces, with what materials and under what conditions.
For this reason, it provides a careful selection of ethical fashion and home accessories for you and for the little ones with one thing in common: unique pieces with incredible stories behind them.

DOME’s main mission is to support businesses that change people’s lives and communities, selecting three key areas: social, environmental and cultural.

Most of the suppliers are small social projects with a strong social concern. By purchasing, you are helping projects grow and eventually employ more people.
In this way, you’re support brands with a transparent production chain, which promote fair trade practices that protect the environment and are proud of their origins.

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