Earthings Clothes

Inspired by Nature. Designed by Us.

Earthings Clothes is a Portuguese clothing brand that focuses on sustainability by using organic cotton and bamboo.

The brand arose from the need to create a project inspired by nature and related to design practices. Thus, Earthings Clothes asserts itself through a simple, modern design that identifies with a more sustainable lifestyle.

Not only do they use natural fibers such as 100% organic cotton and bamboo, but they also use screen printing for patterns. This printing technique uses water-based inks with minimal environmental impact.
In addition, orders are wrapped in recycled kraft paper, a more environmentally friendly alternative.

In the Earthings Clothes shop you will find products for baby, toddler, man and woman, as well as a collection of unique design posters. Everything is made in Portugal, with a sustainable approach.

By buying products from small national brands, you are supporting the local community, small business and sustainable entrepreneurships!

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