Eau de Marie Natural Skincare

Natural Skincare

Eau de Marie was born through the hands of Maria David. Combining science with plant alchemy, it develops reference cosmetic products in its laboratory, with significant therapeutic benefits and in a sustainable way.

At Eau de Marie, they believe in the simplicity and effectiveness of a routine focused on the essentials: cleansing, strengthening and protecting the skin.

Inspired by the sea coast, they create products with high-performance ingredients, such as the valuable extract of Laminaria digitata seaweed, also known as Kombu seaweed, sea ​​buckthorn and the incredible essential oil of Helichrysum (curry herb).

These ingredients rich in hydration, nutrition and antioxidants, promote healthy skin maturation, with beauty and vitality.

The brand is also focused on sustainability and are commited to the use of natural ingredients in all formulas, sustainable and scientifically approved.

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