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A stroke with positive impact

ECO Design Gráfico: Communicating with the world since 2008! Today with its own page, opening opportunities and creating sustainable links.

ECO Design Gráfico specialises in image creation and corporate communication in the field of sustainability and ecology; including creation of publications, posters, visuals, logos, icons, banners, invitations & other design creations under request.

Created and led by Filipa Santos – a designer specialised in integral planning and sustainability – ECO offers an original, harmonious, vibrant, efective, professional & modern graphic design that:

  • Gives substance to simplicity;
  • Translates a concept into an image;
  • Communicates the vital essence of each project;

The design and service is customised, focusing on projects, brands, products, organisations and entities in the ecological, integral, sustainable and ethical development

ECO Design Gráfico works the key to empathic and successful communication, the harmonious and assertive reach of the message you want to convey! Schedule a conversation to get a custom budget for your project.

Bachelor: Product Design
Technical skills: Drawing, Macromedia FreeHand, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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