EcoSalix specializes in natural engineering (or ecoengineering) and landscaping.

Natural engineering combines technology and biology to protect soil and infrastructures, contributing to landscape requalification and enhancement of the territory. Although little known in Portugal, ecoengineering has extremely positive results in the recovery of ecosystems.

Landslides, erosion and floods are natural processes which negatively affect the ecosystem’s dynamics and increase soil loss and land degradation. Stabilization of soils, slopes and river banks is achieved through the combination of living and inert constructive materials.

EcoSalix provides solutions such as construction of ecological support walls, requalification of water lines, erosion control and burnt areas recovery. They specialize in techniques and materials used in natural engineering, including hydroseeding, organic blankets, living quarry, rockfill and gabions, among other.

EcoSalix participates in the development of new products and ecological materials used in natural engineering projects. The research is done in partnership with several European and North American manufacturers.

The company also develops training courses in natural engineering tailored to different audiences like public entities, designers, construction and outdoor contractors.

The staff at EcoSalix has 12 years’ experience in national and international projects. One of the most recent is ECOMED European Project, a collaboration between universities and enterprises to improve the specialisation process for the ecoengineering sector in the Mediterranean environment.

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