Eco-social regeneration, production and learning

Based at Finca Equilibrium, in Poceirão, Ecotrabalho team is mainly dedicated to Permaculture and Agroecology related training and consulting.
Their area of ​​activity is very comprehensive, including not only services and consultancy in the areas of agroecology, permaculture and biodiverse agro-forests in succession, but also regeneration of productive landscapes; agro-socio-educational animation; eco-literacy; conscious eating and ethical consumption.

In the agro-socio-educational area and integral ecology, Ecotrabalho creates non-formal education programs for small groups. These programs promote direct contact with nature and the activities necessary to obtain food.

In addition, they also produce and sell seeds, trees, olives, fruits, teas, aromatic and medicinal plants. The production process is free of pesticides or other chemicals that are toxic to human health and other living beings.

In addition to the extensive information available on the Ecotrabalho‘s site, you can also get more information on these issues on their Youtube channel and Facebook page.

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