Honouring timeless handcrafted design

Esteira is a Portuguese brand store based on the concept of authenticity.

All items are handcrafted, handmade and loaded with cultural heritage, memory and ancestral methods such as, for example, the technique used in the Algarve’s baskets.

Esteira‘s pieces are timeless and tell a simple story, even with small imperfections, as with all handmade pieces…

Here you will find a selection of items for you and your home. The choice of products is made with passion, always looking for the balance between quality, craftsmanship and design.

Esteira mainly selects handcrafted pieces, chosen for their socio-cultural value and for the special techniques and materials used in their making. It is concerned with the cultural heritage and supports local artisans and small businesses.
There is also a concern to preserve the heritage of other cultures, with articles from other countries other than Portugal.

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