Ética Pura by Ringana

Health, Sustainability, Ethics and Luxury - Cosmetics and Nutrition

Ética Pura is the store that represents Austrian brand Ringana. This brand is known for its 100% natural top-quality products, no chemicals whatsoever and pure active substances.

The ingredients used in Ringana products are organic, sustainable and fair trade sourced. It’s a environmentally-friendly and ethical company, respecting people, animals and the environment, also collaborating with social causes.

Ringana‘s philosophy is based on:

100% FRESH / no preservative
100% ACTIVE SUBSTANCES / without colouring or flavouring
100% ETHICS / vegan

Ringana’s products cover the following areas:

  • Hygiene and body cosmetics: soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, moisturising cream, foot balm, hand balm, tooth oil, sunscreen and after sun.
  • Facial cosmetics: Exfoliating, cleansing milk, tonics and serums.
  • Nutritional supplements: Antioxidants, Balance, Energy, Cleansing, Movement, Immunotherapy, Omega 3 and Detox
  • Drinks: Chi, Dea, matcha.
  • Sports supplements

Ringana uses 100% natural active substances that are healthy and beneficial for your health and sustainable for the environment. In order to ensure maximum effectiveness of the active substances (extracted only by natural methods), suppliers are selected from the country from which the raw materials originate.

Development, production, and shipping still take place locally in Hartberg, Austria. That makes it possible to guarantee a high degree of quality as well as sustainability along the entire value-added chain. Their factory is  self titled as the most conscious and coherent ecological factory in Europe.
The adoption of sustainable processes has already earned Ringana numerous awards and recognitions.

Sustainability measures include the use of:

  • cardboard boxes and recycled paper with FSC seal
  • vegetable paints in label printing
  • ecological and biodegradable adhesive tape
  • filler made from non-transgenic expanded corn that can be composted
  • packaging of high end cosmetics in recycled and reusable glass
  • packaging made of bioplastic (derived from sugar cane) that can go to the organic waste container
  • recyclable plastic lids
  • capsules in recycled can

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