High quality custom t-shirts

FFLTEES is an online custom-made t-shirt tailor, which started with a simple goal: to create and make the perfect custom fitted t-shirt for you.

FFLTEES t-shirts are made based on your body measurements. Our pattern maker develops a unique pattern for your body’s specificity, ensuring 99% accuracy.

Born within a Portuguese textile and clothing manufacturer, which has worked in this industry since 1979, FFLTEES’ aim is to provide easy t-shirt tailoring for everyone, using only the highest quality materials available.

The brand’s t-shirts are made with sustainability in mind and using the highest quality materials. From the picking of their organic cotton, to the processing of recycled plastics into yarn blends; to the production of luxurious cashmere blends and the construction of your t-shirt piece by piece.

FFLTEES tailored t-shirts are manufactured in the north of Portugal, the heart of the national textile and apparel industry. Their conscientious approach guarantees ethical, fair trade and environmentally friendly production.

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