Your portable water spring!

Flaska – the programmed reusable glass water bottle – Your portable water spring!

Flaska is a reusable glass water bottle which will help you take care of your health and the environment. It is made from glass and programmed using the TPS procedure (technology of programming silicon). A bottle programmed this way changes the water’s vibrational structure and brings it closer to its natural state.

The Flaska glass water bottle is available in three sizes (0,3L, 0,5L e 0,75L). Because it is made from glass, it has been protected by protective sleeves made from neoprene, silicone, cork or cotton. Due to high quality protective sleeves individuals living an active life style can use Flaska on the go.

On its way from the spring to the tap, water travels through long pipes made from different materials like lead, asbestos, plastic, etc. This is not water’s natural environment, as water normally flows across different types of rock and through different layers of soil. Substances with which water comes into contact have a vibrational effect on it. This vibrational effect can be imprinted onto it for a certain period of time. Coherent domains of water molecules resonate with this vibration for a longer period of time. The same thing happens in bottles or water dispensers in which water is stationary for a longer period of time.

Inside the Flaska bottle, the vibrational structure of water is brought closer to the structure of spring water, i.e. water in its natural environment. This is called water structuring and is done using TPS, a vibrational programme consisting of various kinds of information from nature that is imprinted into the glass.

You can buy your reusable glass water bottle from Flaska‘s online store or from the following resellers: 4BioAlfazemaÁnandaBioescolhaGreen BeansMiosótis and Organii.

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