Fruta Feia CRL

Beautiful people eat ugly fruit and vegs ...

Fruta Feia (Ugly Fruit) cooperative arises from the need to reverse the trend towards standardisation of fruits and vegetables that has nothing to do with food safety or quality issues.

The preference of the usual distribution channels for “perfect” fruits and vegetables in terms of size, calibre and color restricts consumption to foods that comply with certain aesthetic standards. This requirements result in a waste of about 30% of what is produced by farmers.

Fruta Feia (Ugly Fruit) cooperative aims to combat market inefficiency by creating an alternative market for “ugly” fruit and vegetables that can change consumption patterns. A market that generates value to farmers and consumers and tackles both food waste and unnecessary waste of the resources used to produce them.

Fruta Feia works directly with producers of the region, gathering every morning the small, large or misshapen vegetables and fruits, that growers can not sell through their usual channels.
In the afternoon, between 14h30 and 17h00 and with the help of a team of volunteers, they assemble about 300 baskets which are then sold to consumers associated with the cooperative, at fixed delivery points.

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Fruta Feia has 11 delivery points in the region of Lisbon, Porto and Braga that operate from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm for consumers who previously associated with the Cooperative. Delivery points can be found at