Green Goji

Natural cosmetics and personal care products

Green Goji brings together in one place a line of natural cosmetics that are safe for the user and the environment.

After several years of using various brands of natural and organic cosmetics, the Green Goji team selected those with which they identify the most and decided to share this knowledge with the general public and facilitate access to these products.

It is therefore a careful selection of brands with natural or organic certification; that are free from toxic, genetically modified or petroleum derived ingredients; which are produced in a sustainable manner and that are not tested on animals.

In the online store you can find products from Dr. Bronner’s, Humble Brush / The Humble Co., Ben & Anna, Urtekram, Odylique, Bentley Organic, among others. All these products have been certified according to the main certification bodies at European level.

Green Goji seeks products derived from organic farming as a guarantee of man’s balance with nature. Similarly, whenever possible, they select fair trade products.
Their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is also reflected in the use of eco-conscious packaging. Furthermore, they ensure that their products are not tested on animals.

Green Goji is committed to continuously seek to reduce its ecological footprint and inform their customers of the best available products. For example, their website includes a good section about what distinguishes biological and natural cosmetics from conventional cosmetics.

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