Grupo Lobo

Conservation of the Iberian wolf in Portugal

Grupo Lobo is an independent, non-profit, environmental non-governmental association (ENGO), recognised with the Public Utility status.

Its main objective is to work for the conservation of the wolf and its ecosystem in Portugal. In addition, it fosters interest in the wolf and the sciences that regard the species through the information of public opinion.

The origin of this ENGO has resulted from the need to deepen the study and disseminate correct information about the Iberian wolf, a predator unknown to most people, that has for the most part been associated with something demonic.

Since its foundation in 1985, Grupo Lobo has been growing and generating impact at national and international level. An example of this is the various distinctions and the collaborations it develops.

In 1987, Grupo Lobo created the Iberian Wolf Recovery Center (CRLI), a sanctuary where you can observe wolves in semi-natural conditions, located in Mafra. To know more and visit the center check their website or send an email.

Grupo Lopo operates based on donations and all the contributions are applied to conservation projects of the Iberian wolf.
In addition to donations, you can also contribute in the following ways:

  • Become a member;
  • Sponsore one of the resident wolves in the CRLI;
  • Participate in the activities carried out by Grupo Lobo;
  • Visit the Iberian Wolf Recovery Center;
  • Participate in the Volunteer Program;
  • Raise support at your workplace, talking to your friends, neighbours about this cause.

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  1. Great initiative Congrats

    Great initiative Congrats.
    The importance to give to our biodiversity is bigger than never.
    We should never forget wolves are not bad they are just hungry.

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