Inspired by Lemon

More than teas, an odyssey of flavors!

Inspired by Lemon was born of the inspiration and admiration for herbs, their aroma and lemon flavor. They produce a variety of organic aromatic plants, to use as infusion and for cooking, in packages and in bulk.

Their plants grow in Boavista, Aljubarrota, where they are cared for preserving all their properties and natural defenses. Their organic production is certified by Ecocert.

The entire process from harvesting, drying, storage and subsequent packaging is done by Inspired by Lemon.
The packaging has a careful design, appealing and personalised by theme and collection:

  • Organic infusions in 8 varieties, 2 of which are flowers and 6 are plants.
  • 7 organic seasonings.
  • Bulk Selection – the best pieces of plants, sold in bulk to speciality stores and large stores, as well as for use by other brands.

Inspired by Lemon herbal teas are amazing and special combinations! They are mixtures of plants, flowers, fruits and spices grouped into 3 collections:

  • “Flavors of the World” are 5 herbal teas inspired by each of the 5 Continents, their aromas and flavors as well as their culture.
  • “Aromas of the Year” refer to each of the 4 Seasons and to what each one attracts; from the perfume in the spring, to the freshness in the summer, the colours in the autumn or the comfort in the winter.
  • “Equilibrium Ayurveda” brings the 3 doshas, ​​elements of an ancestral culture. India, the cradle of medicine as we know it today, is an inspiration for anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle and harmony with the laws of nature.

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