Kings of my Castle

Reusable baby diapers and longies in merino wool

Kings of my Castle is a project that develops reusable baby diapers, an alternative, more ecological and sustainable concept, with the advantages of being more economic and more comfortable for the baby, increasing his well-being.

The brand’s products are mostly made by hand, in Portugal, using raw materials such as bamboo, hemp or merino wool.

Kings of my Castle is a Portuguese brand and is governed by three key ideas:

  1. Sustainability – Because diapers are reusable, garbage production and waste from diaper use in babies decreases dramatically compared to disposable diapers. The materials constituting the diapers are biodegradable, unlike most disposable diapers.
  2. Well-being – Through the use of vegetable fibres such as cotton, bamboo and hemp, the baby’s skin becomes less prone to rashes and dermatitis as these materials allow the baby’s skin to breathe.
  3. Economy – The economic savings that a family has through the use of reusable baby diapers is tangible and huge. The investment in disposable diapers for a child up to 3 years of age ranges from €1500 to €3000 and, alternatively, the use of reusable diapers ranges from €500 to €900.

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