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kunoleco is a transition brand that aims to develop and support projects that revert the contemporary trend of individualism, connect people in an authentic way and promote social, economic and ecological sustainability.

Lack of sense of community now has negative psychological impact on individuals throughout the “developed” world, as persistent feelings and generalized loneliness, isolation, dispossession, alienation and depression.

kunoleco (inspired by the word “kunuleco” of Esperanto which means communion / fellowship) represents the holistic view they have of the living organism that is planet Earth.
Not only do they intend to be a link in human relations in large urban centers, but also to find solutions that promote biodiversity, sustainability and efficient resource management.

kunoleco’s areas of expertise include:

  • Condos in transition: Conversion of urban condominiums into authentic, functional and intentional communities. Facilitating the creation of an atmosphere of trust, empathy and cooperation within a building. Creation of synergies between neighbours, mediation of conflicts and empowerment of the individual through the community.
  • Community building: Facilitation, management support, consulting and design of community roots, intentional groups or transition initiatives: co-housing, eco-villages, co-working, ashrams etc..
  • Team building for companies in transition.
  • Landscape management: Development of strategies and management of natural landscapes through the application of permaculture principles and the agroforestry system.
  • Urban agriculture: Remodelling of all types of urban spaces as a way of producing food and promoting biodiversity. Transformation of terraces into vegetable gardens where vegetables grow that give health and where flowers are born that feed the bees.
  • Water: Design and implement of systems for recovery and reuse of water, thus contributing to the improvement of social responsibility in cities and environmental preservation.
  • Renewable energy: Innovative, renewable, green and competitive energy solutions. Consultancy and implementation of sustainable strategies that reduce consumption in buildings. Installation solar and wind energy technologies.

“If we wanted to survive the ecological and social crises we cause, we would have to devote ourselves to creating dramatic and radically new community enterprises.”
Lynn Margulis

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