Lisbon Eco Tours

Electric vehicle tours in Lisbon

Lisbon Eco Tours was born of the passion for Lisbon and offers tours to the city in an electric car.

Move through Lisbon on a Twizy (electric vehicle) and hear the history of monuments, places and viewpoints wherever you go.
Feel the freedom to know the beauty of Lisbon in an eco-friendly and fun way!

There are different tours for different tastes, always in a relaxing and fun way. Those who rent a Twizy have total freedom to stop at the picturesque places of Lisbon, making the tour at their own pace.

Lisbon Eco Tours also has different and unforgettable experiences for groups. These activities include driving the eco-friendly car, discovering restricted places and gastronomic tastings in Lisbon.

Discover Lisbon by driving an electric car that tells you about main points of interest, as well as other curiosities along the way. This activity is perfect for those who want to take the time to stop at the places they like best.

Twizy‘s are silent and their dimensions allow for easy parking and movement, even in the tightest streets of Lisbon.
Discover Lisbon’s secrets and its inhabitants on board an eco-efficient car with GPS and have the time of your life!

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