Living Food – Kombucha

Artisanal & Organic Kombucha

Living Food has been producing artisanal and organic kombucha in Portugal since 2012.

Living Food kombuchas are obtained through the natural and artisanal tea fermentation process, using only the best ingredients.

During fermentation, the good bacteria consume the sugar, giving way to the vitamins, enzymes and acids that give this drink its body-friendly properties.

It’s a refreshing drink, with a characteristic flavor, without dyes or preservatives.

Living Food kombuchas are not filtered nor pasteurized, so they maintain all the properties associated with Kombucha.

In addition to kombuchas, they also developed a soap that combines fermented Kombucha extracts with hydrolates, which are by-products of plant distillation, also known as floral waters. This soap can be used to cleanse the face and body, providing a gentle and effective cleansing without excessively drying out the skin.

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