Handmade garments knitted from yarn surplus

THINKING G – the brand that gives leftovers the attention they deserve.

THINKING G – knits made by hand from leftover yarns.
Designed in Paris, made in Portugal.

THINKING G believes that its main concept deserves attention and should become a widely used practice worldwide.

Unfortunately, 1-2 kg of leftover thread can be stored forever, so they feel immense satisfaction in being able to give them a second life.
After purchasing the threads, they have to be cleaned and folded to be ready for the knitters who dedicate 20 to 30 hours of work for a single model.

Designed in Paris and made in Lisbon, Thinking G offers handmade pieces using luxury brands’ and clothing manufacturers’ yarn surplus. Their goal is to create unique long lasting garments and at the same time help other brands to approach zero waste production.

Zero waste in world production may seem like a utopia for now, but that doesn’t stop THINKING G from taking the first steps to achieve it.

They sincerely believe that the future is based on high quality pieces, “slow fashion” and relationships based on love, friendship and respect.

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