Maria Beata

The box may be small but the gesture is very big

Maria Beata is made up of a small team concerned with the effect of cigarette butts on the environment. They intend to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable planet. With the purchase of your portable ashtrays it will no longer be necessary to pollute the floor with cigarette butts.

Each butt releases smoke pollutants such as nicotine, arsenic and lead, which end up being consumed by many marine species, causing negative impacts not only on fauna but also on our health through the food chain.

Maria Beata ashtrays are 100% steel, have an easy opening system, are very light (only 12 grams) and have a secure closing system, allowing them to be transported anywhere.

🌿 Portable ashtray compatible with traditional and heated cigarette butts with a capacity of up to 6 butts
👖 Fits in your pants pocket and weighs only 12g
📦 Free delivery in 2/3 working days

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