Miristica Biocosmética Vegana

Handmade, ecological and vegan cosmetics and soap

Miristica is a green and vegan micro-enterprise, created with the future of our planet in mind.

It develops and produces natural, ecological and vegan cosmetics, in an artisanal way, carbon neutral and not tested on animals.

The ingredients used are of vegetable or mineral origin, organic, produced in a conscious, sustainable, ethical and fair way.

Its packaging is produced with reusable materials, such as glass and aluminum. They are returnable, promoting the circular economy and avoiding waste.

Order shipments are made with reused and plastic-free materials.

The brand has a wide range of zero waste, reusable and durable items for personal hygiene and home cleaning.

To promote the adoption of sustainable habits and the reduction of waste, Miristica gives lectures and workshops in the areas of biocosmetics and sustainability.

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