Movimento Lixo Zero Portugal

Zero waste lifestyle

Movimento Lixo Zero Portugal (Portugal’s Zero Waste Movement) is a project inspired by Bea Johnson and created in 2016 by Ana Milhazes Martins. It is based on the zero waste lifestyle and on a set of practices (5 R’s) designed to avoid waste as much as possible in our day-to-day life:

  1. Decline what we do not need (Refuse)
  2. Reduce what we need (Reduce)
  3. Reuse what we consume (Reuse)
  4. Recycle what we can not refuse, reduce or reuse (Recycle)
  5. Composting (Rot)

The mission of Movimento Lixo Zero Portugal is to make as little waste as possible and share the challenges of this lifestyle. It started out as a web page sharing sustainable tips to support those who are starting. Since then its scope has increased and it now offers the following activities:

  • Lectures and workshops
  • Awareness actions
  • Beach cleaning actions
  • Games and educational activities for children
  • Organisation of events dedicated to the promotion of zero waste practices
  • Brand and company consulting

In addition, they created the first community of zero wasters in Portugal: the Facebook group Lixo Zero Portugal. This group aims to achieve a spirit of community and mutual help, making it easier to walk the path to a zero waste lifestyle.

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