MUSA Natural Cosmetics

100% Natural Cosmetics and Soaps

MUSA is a brand dedicated to the production of handmade soaps and natural cosmetics.
Products are handcrafted with raw materials of natural and conscious origin. They only include pure and natural ingredients, and are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances or synthetic dyes.

MUSA offers a range of natural cosmetics for the body, face and lips that are 100% natural and free of chemical components. They are totally handmade, without industrial resources, and therefore carry a lot of love and constitute a natural alternative that protects the skin and the environment.
All products undergo strict quality control measures to ensure the highest quality.

MUSA is a conscious brand with a contemporary and distinctive image. Its products are embellished with color, textures and patterns that speak for themselves.
You can order them directly from the online store or find them in stores across Portugal.

The word MUSA (muse) has a strong connotation. It is a mythological being that influences who evokes her. The inspiring muse of MUSA is nature and it is in her they seek all the ingredients, aromas and textures. MUSA also aims to be an inspiration to those who want to take care of themselves and their body, and make it more beautiful in a natural way. The slogan – Inspires Beauty – closes the whole concept and elevates MUSA to become an inspirational and aspirational brand.

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