Handmade and ecological mushroom-based products

Mushi© is an artisanal project dedicated to promoting eco-consumption and natural practices, based on fair trade and sustainable production.
They bet on the grow it yourself concept and present a range of products based on organic mushrooms.

They develop natural mini-trunks, ready-to-grow for home production of tasty shiitake mushrooms and medicinal teas, so you can enjoy all the flavour and shiitake properties in a cup of tea!

Moshi moshi is a warm and familiar hello from Japan, a culture whose rich traditional knowledge has inspired the project. And mushi is also the diminutive of mushroom, the life we ​​lovingly grow!

The shiitake mushroom is one of the key elements of traditional oriental medicine, dubbed the “elixir of life” in the Ming dynasty. The species Lentinula edodes (known as shiitake) is a wood-decomposing fungus that grows naturally in trunks. This mushroom contains lentinane, a compound approved in Japan as medicine several decades ago, namely in the treatment of cancer. Scientific studies have demonstrated its numerous therapeutic properties. It is a recognized nutraceutical, namely in strengthening the immune system, as an antioxidant and in the fight against cholesterol.

The project is based on the traditional Japanese method of mushroom growing on tree trunks in an artisanal way. These high quality organic mushrooms are obtained through a completely natural process, free of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. They have great taste and authenticity, as well as high nutritional and gastronomic value.
The infusions are made with 100% natural products and with organic certification.

All materials are recycled or recyclable, including the trunks where the mushrooms are born, which can be reused as firewood after the end of their life. Even the Mushi infusions, after a soothing tea, can be reused as a delicious culinary touch.
Mushi products were finalists in the Portuguese Food and Nutrition Awards 2017, in the category of Product Innovation.

Although the method of cultivation and the shiitake mushroom are traditionally oriental, all raw materials are produced locally with exception of the ginger used in the infusions, which comes from India, because there is no national organic production in Portugal.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.

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