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Neutralization of atmospheric emissions for events

Neutralize offers services and products in the environmental area to neutralize negative environmental impacts, turning negative impacts into positive ones.
Its main goal is to neutralize atmospheric carbon emissions generated in events such as congresses, meetings, fairs, sports competitions and others.

To achieve the balance between CO2 emission and capture of the event’s activities, Neutralize starts by elaborating a study to survey, characterize and inventory the negative and positive environmental impacts of the event. The gathered data is then used to implement actions to prevent, compensate or mitigate negative impacts.
In addition, it also provides actions to explore, improve and communicate positive environmental impacts.

The proposed measures are tailor made solutions that may include reducing water, gas or electricity consumption; waste management and zero waste; environmental education actions; plantations and others. In addition, Neutralize also creates emission monitoring mechanisms, environmental efficiency metrics, sustainability reports and support for the event’s communication.

Neutralize is prepared to adapt to small or large events and the customer service is personalized.

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