Ocean Immersion

Multipotential and Creative School

The Ocean Immersion School was born in November 2018 in the format of a Blog that evolved into the School format in 2020. The idea of ​​creating courses was born when Ana Vitória Tereza; who is a Master in Marine Space Planning; realized that no one understood her profession very well.

Through the digital school, Ocean Immersion creates courses and events about the potential of the ocean aimed at multipotential and creative professionals. In addition, they also create digital and classroom courses for companies on sustainability, the ocean and innovation.

Ocean Immersion‘s courses and products seek to bring the ocean into other professions such as international relations; journalism, biotechnology, design, urbanism and architecture. The idea is to train, professionalize and give tools to professionals who are starting their careers in the ocean. The key themes of the classes are innovation, sustainability, communication, design and entrepreneurship, always with the ocean as the main root.

At Ocean Immersion events, Ana and her team teach; they disseminate, create, photograph and responsibly communicate the values ​​of the project and the urgency of sustainability.

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