Choose ecological, choose organiko

Before being a store, Organiko is part of a sustainable lifestyle.
It’s s a project created by a family that believes in a better world, where each of us can make a difference. This idea is meant to motivate more people all over the world to take the next step in favour of humanity.
Resources are increasingly limited, on a planet where there is exaggerated consumerism. And, most of all, the future of the planet depends on who inhabits it!

This concern and way of life are the motivation behind the choice of Organiko products.
The online store includes handbags, wallets, jewellery and handmade watches in 100% Portuguese cork; personal hygiene and cleaning products (such as toothbrushes, swabs and toothpastes); shoe; bottles, glasses and reusable straws.

All products are manufactured in a 100% natural and ecologically sustainable way. In addition, the vast majority are also vegan.

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