100% Organic Restaurant

Pachamama was the first 100% organic restaurant in Lisbon.
Meals are prepared using only organic, locally sourced ingredients.

At Pachamama they make their own pastry, juices and food with fresh ingredients that enhance natural flavours. Even the bread is home-made with organic flour (milled in stone mill), using a slow fermentation process with the help of natural yeast.

This is the perfect place for environmentally conscious people who enjoy healthy, tasty food that is organic. Because they only use seasonal ingredients, the menu is ever changing and adapting. Daily lunch menu includes a vegan dish and a Portuguese fish dish. On Friday and Saturday, they also serve snacks at dinner time.

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  1. Diverse and tasty meals make Pachamama a must go in Lisbon

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Boqueirão Duro 46
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Mon - Thu: 11h00 to 19h00 Fri - Sat: 12h00 to 16h00 | 20h00 to 02h0 Sun: closed