Pão da Mó

Sourdough bread

Pão da Mó prepares sourdough bread using exclusively stone flours. As a result, they get a special bread rich in flavor and in nutrients, because the process of cold grinding the cereals preserves their properties.

All the loaves of Pão da Mó are made with natural yeast. Due to the slow fermentation (8 to 18 hours), they get a unique flavor and aroma! It’s a bread with time, real bread!

Pão da Mó elaborates traditional breads based on the typical Portuguese cereals, as well as less conventional ingredients. The catalogue includes wheat and whole rye with seeds; wheat with pumpkin and walnuts; 100% whole wheat and corn flour, among others.

Pão da Mó doesn’t have any establishment open to the public. However, if you want to receive your sourdough bread at home, order until Friday to receive fresh bread on Sunday morning (delivery rate varies with the geographical area).

In alternative, place your order by Monday and/or Wednesday by 6:00 PM and pick it up  next Wednesday and/or Friday. Delivery is made in selected locations such as Óbio (downtown Oporto), Terrárea in Matosinhos or Maçaroca in Ramalde. Get in touch with Pão da Mó for a complete list of delivery points.

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Mon: closed (available for orders) Tue and Thu: production from 08h to 18h Wed and Fri: deliveries from 09h30 to 15h Sun: home deliveries

Shipping & delivery

Home deliveries on Sundays in Gaia, Oporto and Matosinhos