Papel D’Ouro

100% cotton paper and eco-design objects

Bold design, waterproofing, durability and toughness. These are the intrinsic characteristics of the brand Papel D’Ouro, which produces a tissue paper exclusively with recycled cotton fibres, also known as cotton paper.

Papel D’Ouro uses the traditional paper making technique from textile industry cotton scraps, more specifically from cotton fibres. Thus, it reinvents paper and its derivatives, transforming them into Eco Design objects.

Cotton paper differentiation comes mainly from an ecological, handmade and unique manufacturing process in Europe. In addition to the uniqueness of matter, its exclusivity is also a consequence of the numerous possibilities of customisation and application.

The cloth is macerated, crushed and processed into paper pulp only with the addition of water. Due to its composition, the paper obtained in this way presents high resistance and durability that allow for multiple uses, as is the case of footwear boxes; bags for bottles or abat-jours.
At the same time, the minutia of each leaf gives the necessary delicacy and smoothness for a wedding invitation; tablecloth; bottle label or jewellery box.

Tissue paper can be personalised in various creative ways, for example through the introduction of external elements such as sisal, herbs or flowers; as well as filigree and textures.

Papel D’Ouro also provides guided tours to the factory (on request, please book in advance). These tours are available to groups, in order to promote education and cultural tourism. During the visit you can try out the paper making process.

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