Poção Mágica

Natural Cosmetics and Soaps

Poção Mágica is a Portuguese brand of 100% natural biocosmetics. Hygiene and cosmetic products are handmade in a traditional way, using the principles of aromatherapy and phytotherapy.

The ingredients used are of sustainable and ecological origin. The main ingredient is olive oil, acquired directly from the producer, thus favoring the local economy.

Poção Mágica‘s team believes that what is good as food, is also good for the skin. Therefore, all raw materials are rigorously selected, as if they were food.

Dyes, preservatives or synthetic flavorings are not used. The colors, aromas and textures come only from natural ingredients, such as clay, honey, coffee, cocoa, wine, plant extracts and essential oils.

The aromas coming from plants and essential oils are soft and delicate. They enrich the products with their therapeutic properties, which are beneficial for the skin, and their soft aromas.

This is why Poção Mágica is so much more than a natural product, it’s a concept of ecology, sustainability and respect for nature and the skin!
This is their contribution to a better world!

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