Associação Quinta das Águias

Animal Sanctuary, Sustainable Accommodation, Organic food

Quinta das Águias is located in a farm of about 5 hectares, in Paredes de Coura, in the north of Portugal. In essence, it is a sustainability project, where all forms of life, as well as the natural resources that sustain them, are treated with respect.

Quinta das Águias is:

  • A non-profit organisation.
  • A sanctuary and refuge for animals in need.
  • A sanctuary for wild flora, promoting biodiversity.
  • An organic farm and a self-sustaining agro forestry project.
  • An educational project that promotes values ​​and practices of sustainability.
  • A “botanical ark” of seed preservation, focused on the reproduction and sharing of rare and indigenous seeds.
  • A center specialising in the promotion of vegetarian cuisine – an essential element in a sustainable lifestyle.
  • A holiday or weekend destination. A tourist destination where guests can enjoy the interaction with the Quinta’s natural environment and its inhabitants.

You can help Quinta das Águias develop their work through donations, volunteering in the field or remotely, or by calling the Solidarity Number 760 300 180 (0,60 € + VAT).

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